PayDotCom. The company's online catalog contains thousands of sites Affiliates (company) that the member pay 50% - 75% per product from the price of products sold. Before working as data entry, you are required to become partners and select a site Affiliates in the catalog PayDotCom.
You will get a tracking link from the site so that your partner is. Through this tracking link, you will be detected by PayDotCom when the conduct of work. Commission income, or you will be collected by PayDotCom, and each will be paid on 1 and 16 when the balance of income you have collected at least $ 100.
The Commission will be sent by check to the address you list in your previous PayDotCom or through Paypal account. What are the benefits to become member PayDotCom? Free registration to join in PayDotCom and free alias not need to buy a certain product. PayDotCom qualify super tight sites that register as a vendor (the site offers Affiliates to PayDotCom member) so that you do not need to hesitate as they choose partners.
All the income you earn from all the sites that you made Affiliates partners will gather in the account attached PayDotCom you, you can check at any time 24 hours a day. You can automatically have thousands of "goods sold" (products) selling high-value, I do not need to hassle your own site. Sites and products in the English language so that you can use them instantly to penetrate the global market with a potential market of 2 billion internet users.
Tens of thousands of companies in the United States have realized that by using freelance staff position for promotion, they have to save the company millions of dollars. This is delightful news for us all, you can easily get additional revenue, even many of the members paydotcom a stop from their jobs and concentrate fully on the tasks given. Revenue that you get through the check will be mailed to your address, and you can Dilute in local banks such as Bank Niaga, Bank Lippo, Bank Mandiri, BCA, etc..
Checks will be sent if the amount of balance in your account has reached at least $ 100. Income that you generate also can be transferred directly to your paypal account, which is currently member of Indonesia can use paypal account to send and receive money from abroad, but this is special for those of you who have a credit card.

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