Congratulations and good luck to Barack Obama

Barack Obama takes office the 44th US president. - a very nervous start to his presidency!

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There are millions watching in inaugural speech and watching him swear his allegiance to the United States of America and to God and he messed up his words, as he was clearly very nervous. I found this to be quite endearing and shows that he is human. However, let’s hope that these errors in his first works leading up to his presidency are not a sign on things to come. The USA and the World cannot afford to have another president like George W Bush!

AS I have written before, Mr Obama will have to hit the ground running - with the financial crisis, middle east problems in Israel, Iraq and of course Afghanistan, not to mention global warming.

I feel that Barack Obama restored himself a what sounded like a great inaugural speech including words like “re-making America” and I hold my hand up to him and wish him all the success - the World needs it…he holds the whole World in his hands - the next 100 hours will be crucial…the next few days need to be decisive…the following few weeks will be revealing…the coming months will show him out for what he brings to the most powerful country in the World…the next few years will be painted in history and lets hope that the real job at hand for Mr Obama is not too much and that he proves himself not just as the first black president, but more importantly in his capacity as a President of the United States of America!

His colour should not be looked at, but instead his actions, his decision and of course where he takes his country, the USA, from this moment on!

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