What is CIAO?

Ciao is a site Paid To Review (PTR), on this site if you review and write reviews and read in the rating given by another member then you will get some money ($ 0,01-0,03 depending on the product in the review). If you make less like a review about a product, you can also make an article / any posts about topics that interest you to write.

Ciao in you will also be in the pay for each rating that you give, the large is $ 0.01 per a given rating. Imagine if you are able to provide 1000 rating in one day, then you can get $ 10/hari! A sizable amount of my.

Additional Proof of payment through paypal account I have received, which I marked in red Circle.

Here I will give tips and tricks so that you can get money as much as possible on ciao.com

► Create a review you accurately as possible
Try to review that you make it clear and detail, use simple language and easily understood. Never COPY & PASTE the review! you will be banned if discovered.

► As many Friends
Due to determine the amount of income that you are in ciao rating from other people, then have as many friends will help you. My suggestion at least you have 300 + friends in your friend list.

► Create a review on products marked with $ $ $
In ciao, there are products with a dollar symbol on the side, the most widely produced products are marked with $ $ $ (three dollars), if you make a review on this product, then you will get 3 times the normal review. Example of products with the symbol $ $ $ is the Sony Ericsson XPERIA X1, T Mobile G1, Microsoft Office 2007, Microsoft Windows Vista Ultimate.

► Avoid Spamming as much as possible
Ciao a lot member is banned because of spamming message. An example is spamming you send messages to other people to beg every time the rating is finished writing a review. If the frequency you do this, sooner or later a lot of potential member who reported you, and ultimately you will be banned.

► Give & Take
If you want to get the rating that much, then you should also read reviews and see other people. If you are only a few to give rating to other people then you also have the potential rating a bit, so they do not stingy to give rating to other people, you earn Moreover to give each rating, no loss is not it? That can not continue to forget to comment as necessary.

Maybe in your mind to ask:
Is Ciao really pay? Ciao is a trusted company that is owned by Greenfield Online, the company that Microsoft is even interested in buying its shares. So, (almost) can be ... you will be paid unless you fudge & exposed banned

Make sure if you're undecided ....
==> For info contact Microsoft & Ciao, Ensure Here

Soon join now. My first dollar from the internet I can from here.

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